November 16, 2019

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Welcome to the Ultra Interval Challenge - a virtual event

The #ultraintervalchallenge is like ordinary intervals - only longer! Perfect for aspiring ultra runners and anyone who’s in for a challenge! This is a free virtual event open for everyone — everywhere!

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This is how it works

You run 10k starting every 3rd hour during 1 day (and night). If you manage to complete all of the intervals you’ll end up with 80k (almost 50 miles) during 24 hours. Everyone starts at the exact same time all over the world, which means that some start in the middle of the night, while others start during the day.

This is no competition, this is a challenge where everyone participates on their own level. It means that even if you think your limit is 5, 3 or even 1 interval, you’re still welcome to participate. In fact, you’re more than welcome to run shorter than 10k, or mix it up with an hour of swimming, an hour of yoga, strength training or playing football with the kids. The important thing is that you move your body, in any pace and way you like, and as long as you start your training at the collective starting times, you’re in the challenge. 

Everyone comes together on Facebook on the event page where we all help each other get out on the next interval. This is a day and night filled with pep-talks and stories from your fellow ultra-interval runners out there! On Instagram and Twitter you follow the tag #ultraintervalchallenge and participating in the event on social media is also a chance to win one of our amazing prizes.

You find news, inspiration and information about the next event on www.ultraintervalchallenge.com